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By David W. Dyer

Crucified with Christ

What does that really mean?

Justification by Faith

How can you know that you are justified?

The True Gospel

Do you really understand the gospel?

Why a new translation of the New Testament?

Explains why it was necessary to have a new translation of the New Testament, despite the fact that there are already so many.

Forgiveness and Transformation

Is it true that all of our sins are forgiven?
What does transformation really mean?
Is what we believe just imagination, or are we really experiencing something genuine?

Outside the Camp

Why would we be "outside the camp?"
What does this mean to us?
Are we being faithful and obedient?

The gospel and a verb tense.

What difference could a verb tense make?
Is there more to the gospel than we have realized?
How can the truths of the New Testament be more real to me today?

The Image of the Invisible: Part 1

The image of the invisible God.
Who is Jesus?
How many Gods do we have?
How can Jesus be the Son of God?

The Image of the Invisible: Part 2

How are we changed into His image?
What does from glory to glory mean?
What are God's plans for unity?
What is our eternal destiny?

The Image of the Invisible: Part 3

The video is an "apologetic" explanation of a few verses.
What does the Bible say about God the Father appearing?
How can we understand a few special verses?

In An Instant

In an instant, in the twinkling of an eye. Will we be changed instantly?
What will happen when we appear before God? Why is God called "a consuming fire?"
What does it mean to get ready for Him?

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