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The Hidden Gospel, book by David W. Dyer

The Hidden Gospel

Why is today's Christian Church so full of self and sin?

Is it possible that we have been missing something?

Inadequate interpretations of key Greek words found in ancient biblical text have given rise to the watered-down message which so many hear today.

The biblical message, when correctly understood, is far more life-changing and powerful than most realize.

This book uncovers some important biblical truths which have been mostly hidden for centuries.

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In my thirty-three years of walking with the Lord, I believed I had a sound understanding of the Gospel message; but this little book has opened my mind to a better and essentially new understanding of it. "The Hidden Gospel" mainly points out some mistranslations within the English Bibles of which I found to be quite serious... I was truly surprised by the weight of what was exposed in this booklet. In fact, it has changed the way I now confer the initial salvation message to others and also how I approach the explanation of sanctification....

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