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A "Grain Of Wheat" is a teaching ministry dedicated to serving the body of Christ all over the world.

We offer free Christian writings by David W. Dyer. Some of the main themes are Spiritual Growth, the Church, the Kingdom of God and Biblical End Times Prophecy. Our publications are available to read online, download as PDF, WORD or ePub, listen to in MP3, and request the printed books by mail direct to your home!

For more information about each book please visit our Publications page.

How does ordering a book work?

You order a book

Carefully fill out your correct address in the book request form online. Because we are a small ministry we only send one or two books on a first order. After you have read them, if you are interested in other books you can place another order for them.

We receive the request

We check the order, print the shipping labels, pack the books and ship them by mail. It is extremely important that all the details of your address, name and details are correct and complete when you place the order because if they are not the books might not arrive.

We ship to you

The books are sent to you via mail completely free of cost. The kind of shipping we use is the most economical we can find and because of this for overseas orders they can sometimes take a few months to arrive.

Want to see the books we offer?

We also offer MP3 Audio books!

For those who prefer the convenience of an audio book so they can listen as they work or drive and also those who can't read due to poor eyesight we offer audio versions of all our books for free download.

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Pamphlets on shorter subjects

Not all subjects require a complete book to explain so there are pamphlets that we provide which can be downloaded and printed or read in electronic format on your computer, cell phone or Kindle!

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