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Thy Kingdom Come

by David W. Dyer

Table of Contents

“A Grain of Wheat” Ministries Publication

The book which you are about to read has important theological and practical implications. In fact, they are monumental! Therefore it should be read carefully, thoughtfully and prayerfully. It is also essential to start from the beginning and read through to the end of the book without skipping over any material. Since the ideas which are presented here are developed over many chapters, if the reader does not familiarize himself with the entire work, misunderstanding could result. There is sometimes a great temptation when first picking up a new book to look through the table of contents, find a chapter that looks interesting, and start reading there. Since many believers are not well acquainted with this subject matter the results of such reading could be misleading. With this in mind I would like to urge all serious readers to thoroughly study the information presented here before they form their final conclusions. Another fact which should be mentioned is that to understand the contents of this book requires spiritual revelation. Since we are going to be investigating the truth of God as contained in the scriptures, we must seek Divine revelation. Due to the inadequacy of the human mind to know God independently, when we are seeking to understand His will we must rely on Him to enlighten us. So I would like to urge you while reading through these pages to do so in an attitude of prayer having your heart and mind open to Jesus, that He may reveal His truth to you. Of course this book is only a human effort; nevertheless, let us pray together that God could use it to further unveil to His own more of Himself and His purposes upon the earth.

Table of Contents